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Contest Announcement!
OP: Luffy + Chopper (+2yr)
For those (fan) writers out there:
The Readers Have Chosen is hosting a Valentine/Romance Writing Workshop and a Romance Writing Contest.

The Writing Contest includes these prizes:
1st - $30 Amazon Gift Certificate
2nd - $20 Amazon Gift Certificate
3rd - A year subscription to winner's choice of Livejournal or deviantArt

1st & 2nd place is chosen by a panel of judges; 3rd place is chosen by popular vote.

If you're interested in either of these, or know people that are, pass on the word. For more information follow the above links.

FMA: Roy I
The Reader's Have Chosen is a monthly listing of the best fanfiction on the net--chosen by you.

Why did we do it? We have made it our mission to discover and give recognition to the fabulous authors of the fanfiction community that we love, though they sometimes go unnoticed. R.H.C. is the spawn of years of frustration and internet research, striving to keep abreast of the best fanfiction on the net but just not having the time to spend wading through the river of available content. It is our hope that you find this monthly archive useful and easy to navigate while also supplying you with your monthly fix of fanfiction!

How does this work? Each month, we will create a polling list based on the combined suggestions from various members on the forum. From there, members (you must be registered at the forum to vote) can vote for their favorite piece of fanfiction. The recommendations with the most votes will be posted on the Monthly Recommendation page on the site. The start of each month will wipe the slate clean and any previous recommendations must be made again to be added to the poll. Chosen fanfiction pieces will be archived on the Monthly Recommendation page and will not be eligible for further recommendations.

How involved do you have to be? You can be a forum junkie or just stick around to read and vote. Ultimately, R.H.C. would function best if everyone stayed involved, but we understand that random acts of nature, fandom, and desire to be chronically anonymous (we understand!) can keep you from participating fully. If all you do is drop by to read the Monthly Recommendations, we still feel that we have done our part.


[Beta Search] Unexpected Endeavors
OP: Ace and Luffy XIII
I need a beta for Unexpected Endeavors. This is a complete rewrite of the story, and while I'm not done with it, I've started typing up the earlier chapters to help me cross reference details.

What I'm looking for:
• Someone who knows English grammar well, but can also work along with my own unique approach to it. Basically, someone who can point out big grammatical mistakes (as well as spelling errors; really important to help cross check spellings for Japanese terminology chapter to chapter!) that make sentences hard to understand.
• A creative outlook to the story; giving input about the story (things that work well, things that need rewriting, etc) and suggestions on improvement.
This is possibility one of the most important aspects. Someone who can help me set up a schedule for finishing & editing the story & then hold me to those deadlines. I wanted to post this story up by the end of September, but it looks like I may have to postpone it until mid-October. I need someone to help & push me to meet these goals.
• Will need access to Google Docs (I'll share chapters w/ the beta through the program).

If you're interested, you can either comment to this post or message me through the site. Past Beta-ing experience is not required, but it's better if you do.

Thank you~!

Not-so-NaNo; Week 3, Day 2
OP: Luffy + Hat
Word Count: 24,114 of 50,000
Daily: 1,514 of 1,667
Weekly: 1,514 of 11,669
Chapter 16: 1,514

Quotes: “All good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath.” ~Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

Excerpt & Notes

Not-so-NaNo; Week 2, Day 6-7
OP: Chopper V
Word Count: 22,600 of 50,000
Daily (4/17): 1,200 of 1,667
Daily (4/18): 5,462 of 1,667
Weekly: 8,877 of 11,669
Chapter 10: 1,200
Chapter 11: 2,275
Chapter 12: 865
Chapter 13: 468
Chapter 14: 1,854

No excerpts today. I had a bad week, and yet I had a good one. In Baty's kit, he recommends to try for just 20,000 words on the second week as it is the hardest week of the month to get through. In that case, I did fairly well. I also think I did well considering how busy I was half the week, and in pain and unable to write for the other half.

Chapter 15 is the last chapter of the first arc. This will also be the hardest one for me to write as it is the "lemon" chapter. I am ready to get that over with and begin the new arcs and thus new materials.

Now, to sleep. It's been a long day and took me over an hour and a half to count up all those pages. And, btw, I have less than 25 pages left in my first journal, so I'm going to have to go get a new one this week, and I've gone through 4 different pens. Oh the fun. =D

Not-so-NaNo; Week 2, Day 2
OP: Shanks & Luffy
Word Count: 15,938 of 50,000
Daily: 0 of 1,667
Weekly: 2,215 of 11,669

No new writing today. Accident in karate has left my right hand (knuckles) swollen and hard to hold a pen. I did try to write through the pain and got approx. 600 words down. Then I realized a mistake. A major one. One that I didn't feel like dealing with today.

So, I'll deal with it tomorrow. I'll double my writing goal for tomorrow to make up for the mistake today. Now to bed.

Not-so-NaNo; Week 2, Day 1
OP: Siblings
Word Count: 15,938 of 50,000
Daily: 2,215 of 1,667
Weekly: 2,215 of 11,669
Chapter 9: 2,215

Excerpt & Quote

Yay! Done with another chapter. Did well considering I put off writing until late. Now, kitty time.

Not-so-NaNo; Week 1, Day 7
OP: Zoro II
Word Count: 13,723 of 50,000
Daily - 2,406 of 1,667
Weekly - 13,723 of 11,669
Chapter 8 - 3,192

Excerpt & Quotes

Not at the chapter place I want to be, but definitely do well on word count. Tomorrow I’m going for more! I do have to say that I recognize that while my chapters are fairly short at the moment, when I go in and edit I’ll probably double the count. It’s complicated; my brain.

Not-so-NaNo Challenge
OP: Zoro IV
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Not-so-NaNo, Week 1, Days 1-6 posts

[Naruto] Alphabet // A - Absolutely
Mononoke: IV
Title: Absolutely
Author: scottishfae
Fandom: Naruto
Rating: T – Teen (language, homosexual relationships)
Pairing/Characters: Naruto x Kiba
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, nor do I make any money from this work of fiction. Please don’t sue, I don’t have any money.
Summary: Sometimes two people similar can repel each other; sometimes it can attract. And sometimes friendship just needs a nudge to go beyond platonic to romantic.

A/Ns: I am currently working on a series of “alphabet” fan/fics. They will span many different fandoms (some original). B & C are both focused on One Piece (with spoilers for the most recent chapters). You can find the other fics, as they’re released (alphabetically) through tags (livejournal) or my profile (fanfic archive sites).

~Part A: Absolutely~

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